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    Mike and I fly out early Wednesday morning. Headed to Laredo, Texas. Then an hour and a half across the border into Mexico.
    We are hunting a 50K acre ranch. Lots of whitetails, javelina and feral hogs, with the occasional yote and bobcat mixed in. I told the outfitter beyond a trophy whitetail, I love killing shit with my bow. He told me to bring at least 20 arrows and to plan on slinging at least 10 twice.

    Tony from AZ Archery turned me onto this hunt, his Dad did it last year. Suppose to be very safe, but like I said, could be interesting.

    Looks like the first 2 days are going to be WET, but we will see.

    Our plan is to hunt a few days and then hit either Falcon or Sugar lake and target some toads.

    I will either post an update next week, come on asking for donations due to kidnapping or my hunting and fishing shit will be on here for sale.
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    This is a link to the ranch.....................
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    We got back tonight. No safety concerns whatsoever and had an absolute blast. The weather kind of screwed us as it rained all afternoon our first day which was Wednesday. Rained all that night and all day Thursday until about 2 and which it turned into snow. The folks at the ranch said they had not seen snow there in 30 years. We got about 4 inches.
    The weather not only slowed the animals from moving around but also kicked the rut in hard. In most situations where you can spot in stock that would be a good thing but the country over there is so unbelievably thick you can't see 3 feet in front of you. We still saw quite a few deer but nowhere near as many as the ranch owner said we should have and definitely did not see the biggest bucks. The ranch is over 40 square miles and due to the mud we only hunted about 20% of it. Mike and I both still ended up shooting a couple really nice Whitetail and definitely shot our share of javelina...
    We did a 1 2 3 and shoot out of a blind on a couple pigs and that was definitely the highlight of the trip. If you should have javelina in the eye from 23 yards they definitely don't go far.
    We will definitely be going back next year.
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    I didnt even see the 1st post. thats pretty cool and congrats

    do have a question though, was that last buck tied to the stake ....... Sorry had to

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    It's weird looking at whitetails Afters seeing mulies all my life. Here's a pic my girl sent me from out the window in her neck of the woods.
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    Very nice, congrats.
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    Nice trip and report.
    Did you do the fishing part of the trip?
    I have had a lot of stuff come up, some of it holidays related.
    I am still working on my concrete form, and getting the frame I need to support the roof and allow room for working. I should be calling you to have your guys look at what I have, and what I needs to be done.

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    Darn good bucks, congrats

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    Thank you gentlemen. We lost one afternoon and one full day of hunting due to the weather so we did not try and go fish. We also knew that front was going to kill the bite. We concentrated on getting a couple white tail and javelina eradication.

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