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Thread: Late Rifle Hunts

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    wont be chasing elk but my oldest son and I will be chasing a mulies...We have to 20C dec tag that starts friday. Have a few people helping out and we will be hunting hard and glassing all day. Will post a pic if we find one...
    good luck, Claudia and I will be there the following week for muleys with a bow, we might be scouting sunday if I can get off.
    if you dont know where your going yet call my cell after 4pm I can put you in the right place to start. some decent ones that get mostly over looked not huge but decent

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    Is 20c south of Mayer? I saw a huge ten point about halfway to Turkey creek but was just messing around with my detector last November. It was a monster and walked within 70 yards of me.

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    Mayer is not is 20C...We are around yarnell/hillside... Delw we have a pretty solid gameplan. will post a story when done. We are going to be picky the first 2 days...

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    Success. Got her last Monday right as the sun was going down. Thanks for the tips guys. Ended getting her in some random ass place over by Alpine. Processed all the meat myself. What a lot of work. Probably not going to do that again for awhile but the chest freezer is full and so is my belly.

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    Right on man, and next to the road.

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    Well done, but I was hoping to see a head shot.

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    Funny I didn't even know that road was there until I got up on her but it sure made packing her out easy.

    Ask and you shall receive...

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    I would love to say I meant to do that. I must've pulled the shot and got her there but I was aiming chest. I haven't touched my rifle and am taking it to the range this week to make sure everything is good and it was just me. It shot straight when I left so it was probably just my nerves.

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