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    stripers 11 27

    Went after Flat heads and stripers up in the river. Went along cliffs with a fly rod and small fly. Caught one small perch. Had a large bass look real close at my fly and ignore it. Should have had poppers, but I didn't have them with me.

    Got some small gills.

    Drove back up into the river onto a flat in 12ft of water. Near where I caught all the white bass a couple of weeks ago.

    It, was a very calm pleasant "cool" night. Just as windfinders predicted, except for a lot of changes in wind direction. Just a few small shad, around the light. Caught one small white bass on a shad. They were biting better on anchovies.
    I was drop shoting at the boat with no bites, my companion was throwing a sinker with a line coming off of it with a number 3 hook. I wasn't getting many bites off of the boat. He was throwing out toward the channel, and putting his two rods out, and waiting for the rod to bend. He caught all the biggest fish. Last time using drop shot I got two for his one. This time he got 3 fish for my one. We were graphing fish under the boat so I kept trying. I also had a gill out swimming around under a bobber. Got it to go 100 ft away from the boat. I have got my two biggest stripers on gills so I keep trying it.

    I didn't change rigs to what my companion was using because I wanted to see if things would change. Its funny that fish would actually prefer a different presentation of a chovie from one time to the next.
    I thought that I got more last time because using a single pole with drop shot I was feeling the fish bite so I got more hook ups. This night changed that.

    At 1200, the moon got low, and dark in the clouds. The shad, which I thought would increase all but disappeared. And the bite dropped off, while still graphing fish.
    We put out lines with gills on a 3 foot tether and went to sleep. Woke up to the sound of a lot of surface action all around the boat. Fish and ducks were breaking the surface all around,but no real boils. Nothing on a surface lure. His gill was gone, mine was dead.

    I came home to an expensive plumbing job that needs to be done to fix our pluming in our 70's house, with a septic tank. I which I could have stayed at the lake longer instead of meeting up with a plummer. :-)
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    Awesome report, sucks about the plumbing issue...

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    Nice catch, Enjoy.
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