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Thread: Woo Hoo! Unit 23 Stink Pig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosevelt Mark View Post
    I'm in the resort, them people would have a fit. I hunt close by with not to much trouble finding them.
    Ha just get them with a bow and no one will know. Wrong unit for me though. I usually can get into them on the other side of the dam. Like you said, just find water and pigs will be around. Seeing them is another matter.

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    Ya I didn't draw 24b again this year. Good bow tags are hard to get these days, crazy. We got our last choice 37b.

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    I've managed to get a 22 tag every year for 5 years running now. First 2 years were rifle and now HAM for the last 3. Before that we would get 24b rifle tags. Have yet to not get hit but I can't get drawn for anything else decent. Took 7 years to get an elk tag and I got a late rifle cow. I'll get deer tags but they are always early season when it's 100 degrees out and climbing those hills around roosevelt in that weather gets old real fast.

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