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Thread: Desert Velvet Pt. 2

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    Desert Velvet Pt. 2

    Just want to share the growth on some of these bucks I posted previously.

    First 2 pics are of the same forkie. He has nice character the way his horns are shaped. Fairly tall rack, I'd guess about 22-24 inches wide. Next buck is a nice 4x4, his left side isn't quite as wide as his right but the box frame is cool to me. The next is a fork n horn that I really like. I've never seen one this wide before. I'm guessing he is 25-27 inches. His body makes me think he is a mature buck and given the chance, I'd have a hard time passing on him, just because I've always wanted to shoot a "big" buck of every size, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 etc...The next picture is one I thought was funny, a wanna be Sonoran Pronghorn that is actually just a small, goofy looking fork n horn. I attached a picture of a buck my brother shot a couple years ago and blocked him out in the photo. I think this is a brother of the buck I have posted last in this series. Similar rack shape although not identical. My brother shot this deer not too far from where this one is hanging out. Curious on everyone else's thoughts. Think they are brothers? Also, give your own opinions on these bucks, I enjoy hearing opinions or criticism on deer. Thanks for looking.
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    Looks like the same genes man wish those right fronts were better. The left side is pretty ... Still not a buck I'd pass

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    That one that identify s with a sonoran lope is cooler than shit. Id kill that before any deer.

    I saw one out in the whitanks back in the mid 90's that was about 28-30inch wide spindly antlers and the points only went up about 6-8" it was almost a perfect right angle. weird as shit. chased him all season one year. only saw him one time after the 1st spotting when I was perched up on the power line towers glassing.

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