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Thread: 9/8 report.

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    9/8 report.

    It was a night that was a night. Was supposed to be calm with winds out of the north west. Nothing more than 8mph. NOT.

    I started at the tires wasn't graphing any fish, bite was very sparadic and seemed to be all little dinks. Winds were shifting and blowing and I didn't think the tires where gonna be a good place to stay.

    At about at about 12, I left the tires to go try the spot near the 10 lane boat ramp. We did very Ok there last week lots of bites and some keepers. No way with really strong winds blowing. I went a little further north and got in a smaller cove. Graphed lost of fish, I anchored and with lots of fish on the graph I wasn't getting any bites. I went to sleep and woke up at 4 with a dink on my line. Started fishing was graphing fish but no bites. Sun came up I had some boils around me, thru a lure that was productive in the past. No bites.

    I drove around cause it was calm, cloudy and comfortable. Trolled till I snagged my line. I was then near a cove near the damn that I had never been in before. went in a saw this on the graph see pic. No bites. I graphed them like that a few time but they did bite chovies, or spoons.

    Lots of extemely small shad around my lights. I scooped up a lot of them. No more than and inch. I saw very few good size shad, all night.

    Still nothing below 40 ft.

    I got some circle hooks, the best and fastest way to catch dinks seems to be to throw out a line with a small hook and no sinker. Watch as the line sinks and it will start to take off or go suddenly slak or something to let you know it took it. Problem is by that time it is gut hooked. I bought some circle hooks to try and get around the gut hooking. I did land a small striper during the night, and a small cat during the morning, both gut hooked.
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    have to go with you some time. what boat do you have?

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    Any time you want to go. I just check windfinder for final decision. Last night was supposed to be calm, it wasn't. a forcast of more than 12mph is a no go, because it can be much worse.

    This is my boat after I towed in the boat behind it was strnded by that big storm, up in the river. Ocean going boat swamped in Lake Pleasant.
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    Cool boat. Dude, you got a 75 on that little thing!? Mine is about the same size as yours and my 15 feels a little dangerous at times....before is shorted out of course.

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    Whats with the water color? Green under the boat, brown behind it. Also, good looking boat, right size.
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    Nice rig, wish I would of put a 75 on my tracker instead of the 60hp. Those wind forecast sites are as bad as the weather service predicting monsoon storms. Unless there is a front coming through they seem to guess. Yesterday wind finder (super forecast) said winds 20+ gusting to 33 in the morning, buddy almost cancelled I told him I am going lightning is the thing that will turn me around. It ended up being a fantastic morning light breeze overcast skies a sprinkle or two and great fishing. Tuesday prediction was 5-10mph and it was windy as hell, got there at O dark 30 and all the strobes on the lake are flashing, fishing was great but had to use my spot lock even to try and hold the boat while casting to boils and spooning. Its kind of a crap shoot on pleasant they never seem to have the wind forecast very accurate.

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    Ha, brown water is my finger.

    I have had some messages of people wanting to go out with me. It's more comfortable when by myself to remove a seat, strech out on a mat at night, but sometimes is nice to have company. So this is pretty much my routine.

    I primarily go out all night after stripers this time of year. That way I catch stripers at night, take a nap for 3 or 4 hours on the boat, not the most comfortable sleepn with two, but doable, one on the bow and one across the back deck. While sleeping I have my clicker on and baited for a catfish bite. Then I am on the lake when dawn breaks for boils and top water. After that the sun is up, and it's time to come in and hopefully clean fish, and take a long nap.

    I have taken out quite a few zoners and castnblast guys, and I would take any of them out again.
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    I was out with a friend Friday morning from 6-11am caught over 30 stripers and 9 LM all on top water,every striper we cut open had nothing in its stomach kind of weird usually they have crawdads and shad in there belly's.

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    Nice report Stevetech and Robox, Lake Pleasant is one of my favorite lakes in Arizona. Since I have quite fished for money I have not fished it since the new Marina was in stalled so mine is only memories. From your pictures, it looks like it is already needing help. I need to put my boat on it again but there is little insentive anymore. Is the Harobor still $6.00 bucks? What are the fees at Castle Creek 4 lane?

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