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Thread: trail cam taken

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    double post for double post for some reason.
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    He was nervous to say the least. He comes back out with my money hands it to me and then sticks his hand out and says no hard feelings. I made no attempt whatsoever to shake his hand and told him point-blank if I didn't have so much to lose I would have beat him senseless. He was still standing in his driveway when I drove away.

    I asked him why he would damage my camera and his excuse was he did not like to be watched. He was definitely one weird sob. When we first pulled up Mike asked me if I wanted him to go with me and I told him no. I was definitely glad after the fact that he did not walk up with me because Mike could not keep from cracking up the entire time I was talking to that douchebag.

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    Unbelievable. Glad you got some cash out of it.

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    score 1 for finding the thief

    score 2 for making him chit his panites

    score 3 for doucebag paying for camera

    score 4 some satisfaction that this guys goona be paranoid for quite some time and should think twice about his not wanting to be filmed escapades

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    He still deserves as ASS beating. But not worth the hassle. Next time hes in the woods and sees a camera, I bet he does a wide circle around it and gets away as fast as his legs will go.
    "Treat everyone with Dignity and Respect, not because of who they are, But because of who you are."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delw View Post
    if you leave something out in the wilds dont expect it to be there. if its on public land its an opportunity if its on on private land its theft.

    I dont feel bad for anyone that gets there camera taken on public land. I dont condone taking stuff, but if your dumb enough to leave it there well thats your own fault
    thats some idiotic shit to say.

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    All Right, Vengeance. I love it.
    "Treat everyone with Dignity and Respect, not because of who they are, But because of who you are."

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