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Thread: Game trail pics

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    Coatimundi. I had no idea they were up here. I have seen them on the San Carlos and in the chiricahuas and that's it

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    Roosevelt Resort-Queen Creek
    We had 2 at the resort a few years ago. Some doper shot both of them. They are a trip to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosevelt Mark View Post
    We had 2 at the resort a few years ago. Some doper shot both of them. They are a trip to watch.
    The doper or the coatimundi?

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    Thats pretty cool, I didnt know they were up that far. last I heard people saw them around Apache lake around 2000.

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    They are all over in 22 and 23 anymore. I see more and more every year up here. Saw a whole herd, family, covey whatever you call them at Apache earlier this year.

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    Ive lived here my whole life, hunted the whole state, never seen one, WTF ?
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    Saw them at Apache last year. I thought they were lemurs. I've lived here my whole life as well and it was my first sighting. Couldn't believe what I was seeing.

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    Same here hunted here since 82 always out in the woods or desert, spend tons of my early years in units 31 32 33 never seen one

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    Fishing the mustard cliffs one nite at barlett, about half asleep, we had one fall off the cliff into the boat, lol, my old buddy was shiating peach seeds, pretty sure he was getting religion, cause i'm sure he walked on water that nite.

    anyhows, seem gaggles of', at barlett over the years, they are hard to see, and sneaky little fudgemutters.

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