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Thread: Parker Canyon Lake

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    Parker Canyon Lake

    I'm Posting this in the safe zone because apparently, I suck at fishing.
    Fished the evening and morning at this Beautiful Southern AZ gem of a lake to only catch 4 1lbs fishes. I had set up for a frog bite, but when I got to the lake it had risen over 8'. This lake has an eel type grass forgive me for no knowing the exact name. Anyway I picked up some frogs at sportsman ware house that I have been sucsessful in the past, and to my surprise the water level had risen to put the normal eel grass 20' to 25' the shore and no reel edge. the water had just risen within the past few days creating this new water old water open water void that fish were anywhere every where the frog bite, inside edge bite dead. I attempted drop shot, texas rig worm, of course I threw the frog up in the new cover again and again. Nothing! the only thing I caught fish on was a texas rigged plastic worm fished on the edge between new water and old water only to get bite durinjg low light conditions. Tough trip! I thought I would share this new water phanonenome. As a fisherman I know better days are ahead.

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    why do you say you suck? Frog fishing 2 drop shot, you know know your in for a shit day. Nice report

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    Bob you missed the correct time . We hit Parker at 9 pm Sat night and fished until morning with the full moon and had a pretty good top water bite w/ frogs, whoppers and weightless wacky senkos twitching the top. They shut down when the sun came up. Full moon good night bite, this time of year its always thick with weeds. Vaca is about the same right now full pool but weedy as always.

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    How long does it take to get to Parker from the valley or Tucson?

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    Illegal stockings of largemouth bass have slowed the growth rate of trout in that area.

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    4 1/2 to 5 hours to Parker from my area one way.

    Cormorants slow the growth rate of trout in most lakes up here. I have counted over 40 at Lynx at one time.
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