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Thread: Franklin is this your house

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    Franklin is this your house

    This is some funny shit

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    I think it has to do more with the Cadillac with 22's in the driveway than the barbeque.

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    That is messed up. Prolly some old racist white woman.

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    I live in a ****ing trailer
    **** that, Id have my smoker running 24/7.....

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    I think I would have lost my job that day if I had to serve that ticket.

    Shit, if that was my neighborhood I would make sure to be good friends with those dudes.
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    If I was them dudes, id fill my trash cans full of fish guts and leave um out on the street.

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    The dude should have invited the complaining neighbor and the want to be cop over for dinner.
    "If it got any better I couldn't stand it"

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