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Thread: 1984 30hp Evinrude Electric Start with Electric Primer (red Lever) wont stay running.

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    P.S. If you pinch the two small lines going off the primer when the primer is in the manual mode, and the motor is RUNNING, which it will RUN with the primer in the manual mode, the motor will die, which means gas is for some reason not going through the carb, even tho its 100% clean, fuel lines are new and clean, and fuel pump is working.

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    Took me a few years, but finally got this thing figured out and running. Turned out to be a bad carb. Not a very common carb to find with the electric solenoid*bracket. Ordered one on eBay a while ago, installed it, and it was bad as well. Needle valve would not shut off gas flow even after being rebuilt, had to send it back. Finally*found a "new old stock" carb on eBay recently, got it installed now and everything works perfectly. Thanks Delw. Glad I never gave up! Its for sale in Tucson now if anyone needs a good motor.

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