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Thread: Crossbow

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    We both put in separately and I had 8 points and didn't draw. He needed some help to haul out an animal so he went with crossbow. Our other buddy's group had killed four bulls in the same area last year and he and his son got drawn again this year for same so all is good for help.

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    craigs list - lots of pse crossbows + others available 300 or less

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    Yep. I told him just to buy a Barnett Fang LT at Cabelas for $299. Has three bolts and is the same cost as a used one on CL. Shoots 330fps so he should be able to kill a cow with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro View Post
    Then why put in for a archery tag?
    archery season is still one of the best seasons to hunt - by time rifle rolls around they been chased all over the place

    crossbow can be way more accurate - especially if your disabled somehow

    what tag did he draw - results are out online and phone

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