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  1. I am first
  2. Lol, my sides.
  3. Brexit Part 2
  4. Hillary Clinton
  5. Shootings in Arizona
  6. Now this guy has some balls
  7. The DNC realy stepped in it
  8. This is Insanity!
  9. Dnc
  10. Skunko... strange sighting in the sky
  11. I know few of you will watch this.
  12. God bless america.
  13. Gun Control
  14. facebook fools get there panties in a wadd again
  15. this shit is getting rediculous
  16. Bill Clinton And Satan.
  17. just clowning around
  18. "Lessons Learned"
  19. Clinton 1995 immigration SOTU | User Clip | C-SPAN.org
  20. Blacks are pissed, Muslims are pissed off, Now the wetbacks are going to be pissed
  21. Monday Night fight night starts in 1 hour.
  22. Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Ral
  23. Politics
  24. Trump and the Establishment
  25. And there's hope
  26. Will Hilda-Beast get away with it?
  27. The Hilda-beast camp
  28. Hillary, Wicked Which of the West video, funny
  29. Kim Kardashian for President
  30. Happiness is
  31. New York Times publisher vows to ‘rededicate’ paper to report honestly.
  32. Boating Accident Captured on Video
  33. Do You Know Someone Suffering From Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder (TURD)?
  34. What a novel concept. Enforce existing gun laws!
  35. Obama Back to his old Ways
  36. Quote of the Week
  37. Charlie Daniels
  38. Being the president
  39. new sherriff in town what a ****ing tool
  40. cops in north dakota have a good sence of humor
  41. someone of power finaly had the balls to say it
  42. Wow freeways have no traffic todat
  43. Man killed while fishing on border lake
  44. Somethings got to be done about this shit.
  45. Oh Mr. Trump
  46. The budget.
  47. Earth day
  48. North Korea
  49. liberals and riots
  50. Southern Az fire
  51. The Great Deception
  52. Trump's biggest Accomplishment First 100 Days:
  53. Susan Rice.....
  54. If I was trump
  55. Dental crown cost
  56. But he was a good comunity member WTF?
  57. College students at there best
  58. George Lopez
  59. Jobs in America
  60. Trump
  61. Just wondering
  62. Hillary posted ad in my area
  63. Our biggest enemy
  64. Goodbye Jerry lewis
  65. Franklin
  66. North Korea
  67. National anthem
  68. Brandon Tatum
  69. Why NFL Players Are taking a Knee
  70. Tired of the kneeling NFL?
  71. Vegas
  72. We just lost another good one!
  73. Gun Control
  74. Man Converts AR15 and a Hand Gun to Automatic with a Butter Knife 70k Per Minute
  75. so whos going to get off'd 1st
  76. Another funny in the news
  77. Tax Plan
  78. The Hawaiian missle crisis
  79. Trump and a military parade
  80. Utah
  81. Karma Is A Bitch....
  82. How to pay for the wall